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Blyth Bombers U8's Coaches - Dave and Colin

Eddy Cullen

School of hard knocks

Eddy grew up in an era of hard tackles and even harder footballs. You won't find face creams and hair waxes in Eddy's bag, just good old fashioned deep heat...

Eddy is old school and was with Blyth Bombers at the start. After a short sabbatical he came back in 2011 and has been with us ever since.

He can call on nearly 40 years of playing experience to help his team understand the game. Spells at Retford Town, Harworth and Chesterfield town, along with being a Bobby Charlton soccer school winner make him the most decorated coach in our line up. He is still playing and has apparently taken up darts to improve his fitness!

His favourite club is Rotherham United, no-nonsense, just how he likes it. At least the new stadium keeps him dry when he goes to watch them lose! He counts Ronnie Moore and Bobby Williamson as his favourite players – If you seek out footage of them on You-tube, just be aware that it is likely to be in black and white – Do not adjust your screen!

A self-confessed winner, he loves the competitive nature of teenage football and seeing the passion for playing within the team.

Meet Eddy...
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