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P.A.R.T - Why? 'cos it's Christmas...

As the saying goes; 'Christmas comes but once a year' and as such, the club always try to hold a party for each team. This year was no exception, with the Under 8's setting off for a trip to Goals! in Doncaster

Dave Thornley is a well respected engineer (That's what it says on Linked in!) but by night he turns into a Paul Hollywood tribute act and bakes cakes... Not just any cakes.... He bakes 'Show stoppers'!!

So, with a cake (and some Santa hats) Dave and Col arrived at Goals! to find 10 eager kids who were already giddy with Christmas spirit. A few warm up drills were quickly followed by a penalty competition. They were all eager to score but for no other reason than to bust some moves and show off their favourite goal celebration. There were some 'Dabs', a 'Bolt', Backwards bunny hops, some press ups and a chicken strut. My personal favourite was the 'Swashbuckling Musketeer'. Take a bow Wilf, you scored a 'Ten from Len'! 

Feeding time at the zoo followed and the cake, along with 6 pizzas, 12 bags of crisps, 2kg of sausages, 2 wonky cucumbers and 4 litres of ice cream were demolished. Dave and Colin made sure they didn't eat all of it though so there was some left for the kids!

The traditional Lads vs Dads (and mums this year!) then kicked off and what happened next is best described in one word... Carnage!

Footage captured by the pitch-side camera crew shows the game...

 The match ended in an honourable draw as a 6 year old nutmegged Colin in goal. The coaches are already plotting revenge for the 2018 party! 

If your child wants to see what the club is all about and join in the fun, contact us via the Blyth Bombers website. 

(And if you are a parent who is good at football, get in touch as we could use your help for the next 'Lads vs Dads' match!!!)

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