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Why are lawnmowers like husbands?

The Head Groundsman asked the Treasurer for a new Lawnmower at Christmas...

If that sounds like the opening line to a joke, it isn't! However, the title to this blog is so if you want to get to the punchline... Read on.

For those of you who have had the (mis)fortune to chat with Steve Bloomfield in the pub, you will know first hand how difficult it has been for him to keep our pitches in good nick. Apparently it has nothing to do with the clay content of the topsoil or the ratio of Rye to Fescue - but everything to do with something being not big enough, too slow and quite uncomfortable to sit on. He was obviously talking about the old lawnmower...

Fast forward a few months and Steve has completed his online research and brought a beautiful model to the club (still talking about lawnmowers...)

 She's got sleek lines, a lovely bouncy seat and he can start her engine with a press of a button. (Still talking about lawnmowers...)

It's safe to say that he looks forward to seeing his new beau and rolling over the grass with a smile on his face! (Yes, still talking about lawnmowers!)

It really has made a difference though, the pitches are noticeably smoother and the grass is much shorter.  Steve is also able to complete the job in half the time so there is more time to talk about his pride and joy down the pub!!

If anyone is still reading and wants to know the punchline to the title...

Because they are hard to get started and don't work most of the time.

If you would like your kids to join up and run about on our shorter, flatter grass, get in touch via the Blyth Bombers website and Steve will fill you in on the finer details!

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