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Snow one can play football

For those of you who were snuggled up, warm at home with the fire on, there were some of us hoping the snow would disappear and the kids could burn some energy - You should never keep a 7 year old from their football match!

Many parents struggle to get the kids out of the house and away from the Ipads, however, it could be worse! Spare a thought for those parents, grand parents, carers, friends and relations who are on the way to junior football matches at 8.30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Most adults swap stories on match day of their kids sleeping in football kit, or waking up at 6am to get their boots on. Mine won't go to bed until he has practised his goalkeeping in the lounge and checked that mum has cleaned his shin pads and boots.

Imagine the emotional turmoil for the poor little "Messi's" when a game is cancelled a couple of minutes before kick off.

Unfortunately, there are few things as unpredictable as the British weather and this weekend has seen another  cancellation due to snow. The kids (and parents) are now restless and irritable. So much so that some of the kids wanted to spray de-icer on the pitch and were praying for it to brighten up so the game could go ahead. Imagine going to bed as a 7 year old and being disappointed to find snow had fallen when you woke up! So, if you want to get your kids involved, active and praying for good weather, get in touch with us, here at Blyth Bombers and you too could be the proud parents of football fanatics!

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