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UNDER 10's

Moving on up...

At this age group, the kids are all beginning to understand the tactical side of the game. As Pele once said... "you can't win a game with a team of individuals". Passing and moving becomes the mantra and games start to resemble those you may be used to watching in the lower leagues of the football pyramid

Training happens on Wednesday and Friday. Colin makes sure the players are continually developing using his experience built up over the last 35 years of playing.

As games at this level are played on larger pitches, fitness work is included in every session. The kids may not realise though as these elements are done with as much fun and enthusiasm as the ball work that follows. Tactical elements begin to creep in and players begin to gravitate to positions that best suit their skills. 

Technical skills are coached and players benefit from the slightly larger squad that is built at this age group

As with all age groups, the team plays in the Doncaster Junior league and will normally play on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

The games start to become more expansive as teams line up 7 v 7 with a maximum squad of 12 registered players. Substitutions continue to be 'Roll on, Roll off' as players still need time to rest and catch their breath.

Games are played in quarters of 12.5 minutes as total game time increases from the under 8's. Results are secondary to the enjoyment of playing and as such scores are not published and leagues position means nothing. At the end of each season, teams are put into different groups based on ability so matches remain close and enjoyable.

If you would like to get your child involved at this age group then we'd love to see them at training. 

Please click on the link below to get the ball rolling

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