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UNDER 11's

But only 9 Aside

Position, passing and performance - At this age the team will be learning more about the tactics and how to play as a team effectively. The coaches actively ask for ideas as the kids are encouraged to create their own drills and explain them at training


Adam and Simon take training on Wednesday and Friday, sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes long so the kids can work on fitness as well as technique. 

You may have seen professional coaches drawing game situations on a whiteboard and this happens with this age group too. Adam tries to help the kids think of the solutions themselves so when they are on the pitch, the answers are out there too. Pitches are a little bigger so 1-2's, isolating defenders, and effective tackling are really important aspects of the game.

Trainer of the week awards help to keep it fun, rewarding attitude and commitment rather than ability. 

Most players have preferred positions at this point and play there when possible. However, if the Centre back is on their 'jollies' then the striker may have to do a shift in the back 3!

Match Day...

Quarters of 12.5 minutes each make up the game with rolling substitutions as per younger age groups. Game time is closely monitored with the team all getting roughly the same time on the pitch. If this can't be done every game, it averages out at the end of the season.


As with all age groups, the team plays in the Doncaster Junior league and will normally play on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Join our team...

If you would like to get your child involved in this age group then we'd love to see them at training. 

Please click on the link below to get the ball rolling...

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