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UNDER 14's

Smells like Teen Spirit...

A second season playing 11 a-side and the team are really getting into thier stride. Quick passes, incisive movement and more powerful shots start to become the norm. The team are practising hard with lots of emphasis on set pieces, attacking patterns and flair - As Kurt Cobain sang: 'Here we are now - Entertain us...'

Training on Wednesday evenings and it's full on. Fitness drills to help the kids keep up with the demands of wider playing areas are always woven into positioning play and ball work. 

Patterns of play and decision making become more important on the pitch so time is spent on scenarios in mini-games.

Graeme is a really experienced coach so he has lots of tricks up his sleeve to keep things fresh. Switching play, using the wings and crossing are all worked on so the strikers get plenty of chances. Shooting from outside of the box is another focus now the kids are able to generate enough power and have the right technique.

As the game is now faster and players are more powerful, tactics such as man to man marking and zonal defence are discussed. Gone are the days of kick and rush, this is about playing with a plan and thinking a few more steps ahead.




As you would expect, games on nearly full-size pitches with nearly full-size goals last nearly the full 90 minutes! Each half is now 35 minutes long and although substitutes are still 'roll on-roll off' the coaches generally play kids for a full half or switch things around in the second 35 minutes.


As with all age groups, the team plays in the Doncaster Junior league and will normally play on Saturday or Sunday mornings.



If you would like to get your child involved in this age group then we'd love to see them at training. 

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