The Coaches - Dave and Colin

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes and this is certainly true of Dave and Colin.

One time neighbours, part time team mates and full time football fanatics.

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The fun starts here...

This is our youngest team and player ages range from 6 up to 8. Training for the kids means lots of time with the ball at their feet, learning close control and dribbling whilst building confidence and teamwork. Goalkeeping is also introduced and we soon get them flying around in the mud!

Training happens on Wednesday and Friday evenings with our coaches, Dave and Colin. Enjoyment is key and therefore the kids are coached through carefully devised routines where everyone has a ball at their feet from the start. Positions are not taught at this age and everyone learns to dribble, pass and tackle, developing in confidence every week. All players have goalkeeping training so they can build catching and shot stopping skills. Once these have been mastered the kids will start to learn diving techniques.

A normal hour of training will consist of warm-ups, agility work, dribbling drills and game scenarios. There is usually time for a quick game to bring it all together and to burn off those last few ounces of energy! The coaches are always putting on different segments within training to keep the kids interested and to help build their experience.



This is where the skills learnt in training are put to good use. Matches are played on Saturday or Sunday mornings and the coaches try to keep them as fun as possible. 


In this age group, all league games are 5 aside, played on smaller pitches. This encourages the players to dribble and pass whilst not having to run long distances from one end of the pitch to the other. Goals are smaller than normal too but there is usually lots of goalmouth action. Most games finish with at least 5 goals being scored so there is lots of excitement for players and spectators alike.



Games are played in 10 minute quarters, this allows the kids to have regular breaks and for the coaches to give advice and encouragement regularly. Substitutions are allowed but players can go on and off many times during the game, little legs can tire quickly and the coaches manage game time closely.



We are allowed to have 10 players registered for each league campaign but hate turning new players away.

This is why we are committed to accepting players in this age group for training even if our game register is full.

If you wish to discuss your child joining then please fill out the form below and we will get back in contact with you.

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